1. "One can never be alone enough when one writes, there can never be enough silence around when one writes…even night is not night enough."
    — Kafka - addressing his fiancée, who asked to sit next to him whilst he wrote
  2. Chevrons


  3. "I can’t see how I can go on living away from you—these intermissions are death."
    — Henry Miller’s love letter to Anais Nin, 1932.
  4. Hawthorn Blossom 

  5. Bikes.

  6. Cherry blossom in the Spring

  7. Making Pancakes

  8. Concoctions


  9. daughterofdevils said: so i also got a kodak colorsnap 35 and ive never used film before, i took some pictures and got them developed but they all came out dark blue do you think i was using a weird setting i don't understand :(

    I haven’t used my Colorsnap for aaages, not since the scanner in the airport wiped my film >_< I’m not sure what you did to make it all turn out blue but it’s a shame it didn’t work out :( try again try again please!

  10. Spring has Sprung.